We have developed our marketing services to help your thrift store more effectively do two things:

Communicate your mission and purpose

Encourage desired behaviors to increase customer and donor interactions

Spend your time focusing on the customers and donors coming to your thrift store and allow ThriftPoints to share your message to more people in an effective manner. The ThriftPoints team will develop and execute a marketing plan for you based on your specific needs, creating a customized approach that will help improve business. 

Expand Your Reach

By creating an online presence for your store, you can begin to interact with an audience who has never stepped foot in your operation.  The management of this medium is key, as it is an effective way to expand your audience, increase your customers, and get more donations.

Enhance Your Experience

We know that the customer shopping experience is important.  ThriftPoints helps to connect your store with your mission so that the customer knows where their dollar is going.  This encourages positive behavior, increasing the number of repeat customers.

Engage Your Audiences

You have customers and donors consistently coming to your store. ThriftPoints shares stories of impact and provides shopping incentives to customers in order to keep donors and customers coming back into your store. Repeat customers and donors can bring thousands of dollars into your stores.

Our Services

In-Store Digital Display

Improve your customer experience and communicate to your shoppers in-store how their purchases and donations impact the community in which they live.

Google Ads

Boost your search rankings on Google to increase the likelihood of donors donating to your thrift operation over your competitors and the likelihood of customers walking through your doors.

Email Marketing

Leverage the information captured through ThriftTrac to send targeted emails to customers or donors. Delegate distribution to the SMCo Thrift team so you can focus on running your thrift operation.

Social Media

Develop an online presence through the creation and management of social media.  Expand your brand and widen your demographic while connecting your store with your mission. 

Pricing and Sign Up

Want a quick quote, or ready to get started? Select your modules and your number of locations. Then you'll be able to discuss your quote with us or complete the sign up process by entering your billing information. We'll contact you to customize ThriftPoints to meet your specific needs and complete the on-boarding process.

Bundle and Save!

If you'd like multiple marketing services, consider our Starter Pack, which includes Google Ads, In-Store Digital Display, and Social Media for $850 per month. If you'd like all the marketing services, sign up for the Complete Management Package at $1500 per month.

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